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Talk: internet dating. I actually do maybe perhaps not OD and I also have now been accused from it, because of the real way i look.

Talk: internet dating. I actually do maybe perhaps not OD and I also have now been accused from it, because of the real way i look.

Get view anime you noobs and ODers

Dekot 05:56, June 26, 2012 (UTC)Dekot

In the event that you wear a bikini top if you are perhaps not planning to a pool/beach game, then that might be considered improper or ODer product. Simply because we wear halter tops, V throat pipes, from the neck tops, quick shorts, doesn’t mean that we have always been an ODer. Simply ensures that I would like to look good, will there be any thing incorrect with that?

Though i have to acknowledge, some garments aren’t suitable for the problem in front of you. 3.0 package, ODer minefield. If ROBLOX publishs it, BOOM, ODers desired. This is certainly just just exactly what the message shall be.

Searching good and fine is significantly diffent from being an ODer. We ask politely, to individuals ODing, to cease. Needless to say they probably keep carrying it out, once I leave. I think highly that ODing is wrong and therefore individuals should never do so. Keep in mind what exactly is suitable for exactly exactly exactly what spot and what time.

Strength tops, whom the freak thought of this? Actually, who did? It absolutely was but still is terrible. The message you’re giving down is the fact that you’re an ODer. If I became playing on a casino game and a child pops up in my experience with a muscle tissue top on, I would destroy him if I’d a blade, if you don’t I would go jump the edge off to respawn (if there was clearly a benefit), or We’d run.

Bikinis anywhere apart from a fashion shoot, pool, coastline, or any such thing where it really is appropriate, is inappropriate.

Strength tops, “I’m an ODer! We have INTENSE muscles therefore I can wow girls. ^. ^”

3.0, ODer minefield. “ODers are desired on ROBLOX! “

Which was me whom posted that above. I didn’t understand We was not logged in. I became like ” just What the freak, why did they place that appearance are indications of ODers? “. I simply desired to upload that some appearance are, although some aren’t. I’m very sorry if you want to express why you think I am wrong, go ahead that I had to post this, just want to express my opinions and. A few months straight straight right back whenever I ended up being accused to be an ODer, I delivered a note to ROBLOXinfo (bla bla the help e-mail) and additionally they stated it isn’t the manner in which you look. Now i’m simply confused.

He stated “porn”. Tsk tsk, we guarantee you that 8 12 months olds are on this web site.

You ought to’ve censored the names regarding the individuals into the pic. -ZangiefB 00:23, 7, 2013 (UTC april)

Post your photos of ODers.

Edit this along with your photos.

CzCreative (talk) 15:03, April 25, 2013 (UTC)CzCreative

An ODer chat log.

An ODer kissing a girl that is afk. Image took in Willquart’s truth or dare.

The one thing we found funny was ODer Removal within the Roblox Cinema game Hfmbears (talk) 13:50, March 20, 2017 (UTC)

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